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Sensory Feeding Difficulties

Many children treated in OT for sensory integration disorders experience difficulties with feeding. Sensory issues are often overlooked, or misinterpreted as behavioural problems.

Here at CTS we can assess the possible different causes of food refusal and food selectivity, to try and ensure a proper understanding of the feeding problem. We will consider sensory, motor, psychological and medical issues that may all coexist and lead to feeding problems.

By understanding the underlying issues causing feeding difficulties, the correct treatment approach which most suits your child / young person can be chosen and they can be referred to the professional who can best meet their needs.

If the child / young person’s feeding difficulties are found to be sensory based, then we can help them through a sensory integration approach. We can address sensory issues related to feeding in children with a variety of diagnoses and ages - from cerebral palsy to subtle developmental issues and from 6 months through to older children / young people.

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Sensory Feeding

"I thought of you today as for the first time since Austen was born we went out as a family for lunch like a "normal" family. No prepared food in sight. Austen ate 1.5 haddock fish cakes with no storing in the cheek! He also self-fed swede, cauliflower and pieces of my pork crackling. You would have been proud. It was one of the least stressful meals we have had and much of this progress is down to the therapy he received from yourself. You have given him the courage to try out any food item and not to be so stressed out by new surroundings. Thank you for everything that you have done for him. Best wishes, Paula"