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Activities of Daily Living

There is a range of activities that we all have to do every day in life, these are appropriate to our age ad contribute to our experiences beyond ourselves. Often they are key to our learning and help us towards our potential in life. For children and young people these can include:

  • Eating with a knife and fork
  • Drinking from a cup
  • Going to the toilet
  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • Brushing hair and cleaning teeth
  • Bathing or showering
  • Playing with toys
  • Going to nursery, school or college
  • Doing homework
Activities of daily life

For some children and young people, simple tasks like these present challenges. This might be due to physical and developmental difficulties, delays or disabilities.

A child may struggle with the co-ordination needed to use a knife and fork, they may have sensitivities to particular foods, children with sensory problems can have real difficulty with the sensation of showering and textures associated with clothing. They may struggle to develop their own play independently or lack imagination. Their handwriting and attention in class may be limited, they may be in constant trouble for fidgeting or lack of focus.

Our OT expertise enables us to complete a comprehensive assessment which equips us to give the best support to make life more satisfying and richer for children and young people who experience difficulties.

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