CTS Strapline

Adaptions to Homes & Schools

We adapt our environment constantly to meet the demands placed on us. Technology is an adaptation which can support a child or young person's improved access to education. Our priority is always to make life easier for children and young people and we do this by assessing and recommending equipment and adaptations to promote access, independence and safety in the home and at school.

In Schools

We give advice to teachers and staff about the impact a child’s / young person’s difficulties will have on their education and learning.

This may include how to make the school / college more accessible and recommending equipment to increase independence and aid learning.


When more substantial modifications may be necessary, we can provide advice and support to ensure that a child or young person is able to continue to access their education of choice, to support achievement and attainment and to help maximise your child’s potential.

At Home

We will work with parents and carers to identify whether adaptations are needed to support a child / young person and how to meet their current and future needs.

Sometimes it may be a case of making small changes or adaptations to help a child / young person get around more easily. In more complex cases, we can recommend specialist equipment which will support the whole family unit. Our primary aim is to help children and young people to develop greater independence in the home, in preparation for independent living, as appropriate.

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