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Consultation and Supervision

Consultation are useful for deciding the next steps or an action plan to move forward. We provide consultation sessions to parents, case managers, solicitors, carers, social workers, support workers, health visitors, schools and more. These can be provided on a one-off basis or as a more regular package of support.

Consultations for parents and carers

Initial consultations can be helpful for parents and carers who may be unsure of the right approach for their child or young person. We offer the opportunity to discuss a particular worry or situation with a highly qualified expert and can help to decide on the next steps.

Depending on the situation, we may recommend an assessment to further identify the child or young person’s needs or suggest another course of action to help with the difficulties the family are experiencing.

Consultations for professionals and organisations

Input from a highly qualified Occupational Therapist can be invaluable for organisations working with children and young people. We regularly provide consultations to social workers, support workers, health visitors, teachers and other professionals in the system surrounding the child.

These sessions offer a clinical perspective on the difficulties the child or young person may be experiencing and help to suggest next steps to provide further support or areas where professionals may require further training.

We provide consultation to organisations like:

  • Children’s Services
  • Regional Adoption Agencies
  • Fostering Agencies
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Schools
  • Charities

Consultation support packages

Our consultation support packages may be useful for organisations that require regular support. These can be structured as ‘drop-in’ surgeries to provide a space for parents/carers/staff to talk about the situations they may be facing. These are often block-booked as half-day or full-day sessions to allow time to see multiple people in a time-effective way.

We also offer group consultations to teams working with children and young people.  They provide space for staff to talk about the difficulties they encounter in their work, offering a safe space for your team to obtain expert Occupational Therapist input.

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