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What is praxis?

It’s a uniquely human skill stemming from the brain. Praxis includes knowing what to do as well as how to do it. It’s needed for things like getting dressed, learning to write or learning to ride a bicycle.

Praxis is a three part process:

  • Ideation - knowing what to do
  • Motor planning - directing and organising the movement
  • Execution - carrying out the motor plan

Because Praxis happens automatically (on a sub-conscious level), you may not know whether your child is having difficulties (Dyspraxia). Watch out for a cluster of the following:

  • Clumsiness (such as constantly bumping into things or falling over)
  • Being a messy eater, favouring fingers
  • Trouble co-ordinating both hands together, doing up buttons, etc
  • Poor concentration
  • Limited imaginative play
  • Preferring company of adults
  • Unable to write stories
  • Unable to take the lead in play

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