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Our History

Children’s Therapy Solutions was founded in 2007, set up to provide specialist OT assessment and intervention for children, young people, and their families - focusing on children with differing disabilities and difficulties such as acquired brain injuries, cerebral palsy, Syndromes, autism spectrum disorder, trauma, and sensory integration requirements.

The company is the brainchild of Rowan Bradley, an experienced occupational therapist who previously worked for 14 years in the NHS and social service sector.

“Since starting Children’s Therapy Solutions it has become apparent that so many more children than I had first realised required Occupational Therapist support which are not meeting the necessary criteria to access support from the NHS or social services but essentially need our support to develop their skills to play , learn and live independent lives. That’s where we at Children’s therapy Solutions come in. We are committed to supporting all statutory services, we bridge the gap.” - Rowan Bradley - Managing Director CTS

All staff are dedicated to providing improvements to children and families through relationships and clinical expertise. There is also a central operational team - to ensure timely communication and treatment information.

The company’s first clinic opened in 2014. As the company grew we expanded, and we now have three clinics with plans to extend.

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