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Risk Assessments

It is important that children and young people are exposed to a managed level of risk to support their learning and development. A lack of exposure to managed risk can adversely affect a child or young person’s physical and emotional development, manifesting as motor co-ordination difficulties like praxis and anxiety such as sensory attachment issues.

At CTS, our experts OTs will support your child with realistic and comprehensive risk assessments and risk management plans.

Safety is not something to be taken lightly, however, neither should we inhibit a child or young person’s drive to explore and push their own boundaries; to achieve their potential.

The key is appropriate assessment and management, to reduce risk to appropriate/ realistic levels.

Equipment Assessments

Risk assessments may be required when;

  • accessing a new activity e.g. social, leisure
  • accessing a new physical environment e.g. school trip, social events
  • using a piece of equipment
  • developing independence skills
  • accessing education or work environments
  • defining a care or support package
  • moving and handling

Moving and Handling

Balancing the needs of a child or young person; the family, their carer’s and their therapeutic requirements remains a complicated challenge. Especially when considering an individual’s ‘right to move’, their need to be handled whilst protecting their own, and others, health, safety and well-being.

At CTS, our OT experts will provide a comprehensive, realistic and manageable assessment of practical moving and handling advice bespoke to an individual and their needs, whatever they maybe.

No child or young person should be restricted from accessing an activity, based on application of moving and handling limitations.

Our expertise and experience ensures we are well placed to provide fair and reasonable advice and support to ensure children and young people still have access to a wide variety of relevant and motivating activities.

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