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Handwriting Skills

Handwriting is a complex perceptual-motor skill which requires hand-eye co-ordination and visual perception as well as cognitive function.

Difficulties with handwriting can translate into poor academic performance. Our expert OTs can assess pencil grip, letter formation, handwriting speed, fine motor co-ordination, posture and visual perception skills.

With our help, children can improve the core skills that promote fluent handwriting, pencil grip and good posture. We encourage a multi-sensory approach to develop handwriting. We also provide advice on assistive devices that can help with handwriting (e.g. pencil grips and sloped-writing boards).

For older children / young people who have ongoing handwriting difficulties, we can make recommendations to support alternatives to handwriting, such as developing touch-typing skills and using technology (e.g. laptops) for recording work. We can also provide data to support amanuensis within schools and colleges.

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