Training Course: Attachment Informed Intervention with Troubled Children and their Families

Attachment Informed Intervention with Troubled Children and their Families



Date:  19th & 20th April 2018

Venue:  CTS, Conference Room, The Barn, Friars Well Estate,                North Drive, Wartnaby, Leicestershire, LE14 3HY

Course Tutor: Helen Johnson - Director of Attachment Works

Entry Requirement:


Therapists and Professionals who have completed SAI Level 1 training (SAI Level 1 for Therapists; or Sensory Processing Trauma and Attachment) and who have attended the DMM Attachment & Psychopathology course or have demonstrated DMM reading and knowledge.

Maximum Number of Places: 15

Course Fee: £250

Course Description: This 2 day course will

1. Provide a review of attachment patterns within the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment, with a focus on:

  • What each of the patterns of attachment means for the individual in terms of information processing, examined through filmed examples of a range of strategies.
  • The function of attachment behaviour within a dyadic relationship and the impact on the family system as a whole;
  • The importance of considering the impact of the parents' and therapists' own attachment strategies

2. Explore the opportunities and implications of working therapeutically with          children when there is a focus on tailoring interventions according to the                attachment functioning of the child.

3. Examine differing approaches towards children using a Type A strategy versus  a Type C strategy, given the different ways internal and external information is processed within the different strategies.

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Helen Johnson is the director of Attachment Works


Helen has been a qualified social worker since 1999.  She is committed to using evidenced based and innovative ways of helping children and parents in both birth and adoptive families and in providing support and training to professionals.

Helen is particularly interested in the potential of the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaptation to bring understanding to the behaviour of individuals; relationship dynamics and family functioning, so that this, in turn, can inform effective interventions.

She is a certified coder for Child Attachment Interview, Story Stem Profile Assessment, and the Adult Attachment Interview (DMM).

She also has completed advanced training in:

The School Aged Assessment of Attachment (DMM)

Advanced Clinical Pre-School Assessment of Attachment using the Strange Situation Protocol developed by Mary Ainsworth

Child Attachment and Play Assessment. (Steve Farnfield. 2015)

Video Interactive Guidance Stage Two, AVIGuk