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Children’s Therapy Solutions provides Occupational Therapy services for Local Educational Authorities and in independent, residential, and special schools for young people with neurodevelopmental, autism, challenging behaviour, emotional and social difficulties.

Our OT consultancy service includes direct work with children and young people as well as providing training to staff and families.


Education is a formative yet complex process – it shapes who we are and how we develop, it influences our future career choices and contributes to our morals, values and beliefs.

For children and young people with special needs, access to the whole educational experience may be compromised. They therefore need support, guidance and understanding to realise their potential.

"If a child is to succeed in life it is crucial they are provided with the essential developmental skills.Without these skills, it is difficult for a child to understand themselves and the world they live in. Their world will be chaotic, confusing, and difficult to effectively function and problem solve.
If a child is finding life generally confusing how will they access school and the curriculum successfully? How do we expect them to learn?"

Rowan Bradley Managing Director 2012 ©

Why choose us?

We bring experience, expertise and flexibility.

We already work with 90% of LEAs in the central part of the UK and are currently commissioned by mainstream, special, independent schools in six counties.

We have extensive experience of service delivery in educational settings and provide schools with specialist services for those children who require bespoke support to access learning in Occupational TherapySensory Integration, environmental alterations and equipment assessment and recommendations. We also have the capability to refer onto other specialist services if required.

We can be commissioned on a regular weekly, monthly and termly basis for a contracted number of hours as determined by the level of need.

"Thank you for all your ongoing help and support. The specialist knowledge and extensive experience of your OT has enabled a very high standard of therapy for our young people as well as excellent support and training for our staff and families. CTS has continued to assure an excellent quality of service and liaised effectively to meet school requirements."

L. Hatton Therapy Lead - Beacon Reach School

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