Proprioception – What’s this all about??

Blogger Pip Else - Paediatric OT


We recently posted two links regarding proprioception see below:

Proprioception is basically our muscles working to stretch and relax which send messages to our brain to then help us learn new motor skills.

If we have difficulties with managing our proprioceptive system then we find it hard to know where our body is and how to use it correctly. When we close our eyes and are asked to touch our elbow or foot, we can do this if we have a well-developed proprioceptive system.

Proprioception is so important for us to feel safe, secure and organised.

Now the weather is getting better, here are some tips of what to do outside to help increase proprioceptive input throughout the day.

Fun in the Garden:

Get the kids helping in the garden, pushing the wheelbarrow, lifting the hose and digging in the garden. All of these are ways to get more proprioceptive feedback they are called heavy work activities.


The trampoline is an excellent way to get lots of proprioceptive feedback and it is also lots of fun.
At the Park: Monkey bars, climbing frames and rock walls are perfect organising proprioceptive activities.

Horse riding:

Not only is it really good for proprioception it is excellent for learning new skills.

Mud Kitchen:

Stirring and mixing are proprioceptive activities along with some messy play time too; why not look at this website for more ideas.

Obstacle courses:

Crawling and jumping on different obstacles, try things form inside your own home, get the kids crawling under an old sheet, running and balancing over old cushions - why not follow this link for more homemade obstacle course ideas.

Let us know what you get up to; we just cannot wait to hear about your Proprioception ideas.