Play Time is the Best Time!

Blogger Pip Else - Paediatric OT


The sun is out and let’s get out there and play!

Movement is so important for our vestibular system.  We need movement to develop our balance, and so sitting down during class is not helping us learn.

We recently posted a link on Wednesday 13th April 2016, to the below discussion on our Facebook page, here’s the link, Have a read!

Using gym balls to sit on in class help us regulate our vestibular system. This increases our arousal level and improves our ability to attend and learn.

Changing position during the day in school is so important for our sensory processing.

  • Why not try using a gym ball when your child is next doing table top work.
  • Do some homework in standing?
  • Let them have a run around or time on the swing or trampoline in between homework or activities.

You might notice a difference in the quality of work, attention and amount of work completed.

If you need more ideas for home and school, why not look at the link on our Facebook page which was posted on 1st April 2016, you'll find it here.

This article highlights the need for free play outdoors in order to develop social skills and imaginative play.

Ideas for outdoor play development

  • Open space with plenty of areas to run and explore
  • Running and jumping games
  • Try new areas to explore like the beach and in the woods
  • Local farms

Why not try something new next weekend or in the next half term, it doesn’t need to be organised, just get outdoors and let their imagination develop and thrive.

Let us know what you get up to in the great Outdoors…