Children’s Therapy Solutions

We believe everyone deserves the right to live their best possible life.

Parents and carers

If your child is aged between 0 and 25, we can help you.

Your child will benefit from the difference we can make to their lives through our experience, expertise and knowledge. We will take time to discuss your priorities and concerns at all stages of their care with us. No case is the same, so you can count on us to tailor treatment and therapy to suit your child.

Here’s how it works-


The first thing to do is to arrange a free initial call with an experienced Occupational Therapy specialist to understand your needs.

Following this, we will send you a quote. Once you accept the quote and our terms of business , our support begins.

Assessment can take place at school, home and or in the community followed usually by attending one of our clinics.

We then prepare a report which we discuss with you.

Depending upon the treatment requirements will depend on our service delivery.

We review your child regularly against the initial goals and clinically decide if ongoing treatment is necessary or recommended.

"Thank you so much for your support with our daughter and the excellent report you have equipped us with. We are so grateful and both feel we understand our daughter and her needs so much more than we did before your assessment.” 


mum, Northamptonshire
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