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How our brain works

Blogger Pip Else - Paediatric OT


22nd June 2016


The importance of understanding how our brains work as they control everything we do!


Children’s Therapy Solutions recently posted a link to an article on the Brain Hierarchy. Here is the link:

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This article emphasises the importance of exploration in order to develop new connections within the brain which leads to new skills. The 4 layers of the brain are discussed and we shall provide further links in order to support your learning of the brain hierarchy.

1st Layer: Brain Stem - our brain stem is our basic survival area.  It controls breathing, heart rate, sleeping, food digestion and consciousness. Here is a link to video that provides further information about our brain stem:

2nd Layer: Limbic System – the limbic system is so important in regulating our emotions, our reactions and memory of these experiences. Here is a link to a video that provides further information on the limbic system:

3rd Layer: Cerebellum – is important in your child’s learning.  It helps us learn skilled movement and creates pathways with others areas of the brain in order for us to learn. Here is a link to a video which describes the cerebellum further:

4th Layer: Cerebral Cortex - consists of our occipital lobe (Visual system), Temporal Lobe (Speech and auditory system), Parietal Lobe (sensory integration) and Frontal lobe (Executive functioning). Here is link to a video which describes the areas of the cerebral cortex:

I am currently reading a book about the brain which describes the areas of the brain using fun and memorable characters. It is an enjoyable read, here’s the link:

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