Nearly ‘SCHOOL’s OUT’ for the summer and transition time is getting close

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22nd June 2016


Are you and your child’s school prepared?!?!

Alternative Seating for Sensory processing difficulties


Children’s Therapy solutions recently posted a link on our facebook page. It discussed the endless options for alternative seating within the classroom, which can aid learning and in order for kids to thrive. See link:

So far this link has been reached by 6,141 people,  and I thought it would be great to discuss all the options further. Cassie posted the original article which was aimed at teachers to support children’s seating in classes.

The website can be accessed for more ideas by following this link:

First of all, I would like to highlight how resourceful Cassie has been in creating alternative seating using everyday items. Furthermore, I recently found a fabulous book which would be useful for both parents and teachers. It provides ideas about how to make homemade sensory toys, here’s the link:


The importance of movement


The importance of movement to feed our senses has been well documented, and many schools are now realising its potential for learning. I have recently been using two types of seating within the school where I am working. These are:

Hokki stool

Zuma Rocker

These have both worked fabulously for the children. They are now increasing their ability to stay on task at circle time, as well as during table top work.

Cassie from Create-Abilities, advises on alternative ways to create a Hokki stool and a Zuma Rocker. For example, class could use a rocking chair to replicate a Zuma Rocker. Here’s a link to a rocking chair on amazon:

Instead of the Hokki stool, you could use a wobble cushion like the one on this link:

The Zuma rocker provides linear movement which is calming for our vestibular system. This can help children regulate when over stimulated by a busy classroom environment.

Here is a link to more information about linear movement:

We hope this helps you in preparation for the new school year. Please keep an eye out, as I am sure we will be posting more transition discussions over the summer holidays.

If you try out any resources or ideas from this page, please let us know your thoughts as we love to share ideas.