Hot weather and summer holidays

Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT

July 2018



In 2016 we posted about traveling abroad and some tips for children with additional needs. This focused on airport travel and holiday destinations.

Further information on this can be accessed at:

In addition to planning your travel and destination, I think it is really important to think about how the weather will be affecting:

  • those kids who find it hard to regulate and manage their temperature
  • from children with sensory processing difficulties
  • to children with physical disabilities.

Typically children with Autism and sensory processing difficulties do not know how to regulate their temperature such as

  • not wearing the appropriate clothing
  • not drinking enough fluids

They will require continued support from adults around them to help ensure they are well hydrated and clothing is removed when appropriate.

Hot weather and sensory processing:

Applying sun cream:

Children who are tactile defensive often struggle to tolerate sun cream; use a spray which dries fast and will cause less irritation. A clear spray sun cream which is light might be easier to apply and dry quicker.


For those children who dislike not having clothes on, try to wet their clothes if they will tolerate this; such as having their sun hat soaked in water so it keeps them cool. Encourage having access to regular water play such as a paddling pool and use fans to help keep them cool.


To keep children well hydrated create fun ways of keeping them cool by using ice to crunch. Make your own ice lollies and freeze fresh fruit such as grapes and raspberries.


Allow plenty of breaks from being in the sun, whether this is indoors or under the parasol. Find places which are air conditioned when out and about and use electric fans at home.