Heather - Advanced Paediatric Occupational Therapist

I’m new to the Team and excited to be joining CTS. I have experience of working with children with a variety of conditions and complex needs and enjoy seeing the difference engaging with Occupational Therapy can make.

I’ve worked as an OT for 15 years which has allowed me to experience a range of assessments across a range of settings which is useful while working with children and promoting their occupational performance.

I enjoy play, and building relationships around play and activities is fun and useful to complete. I have the opportunity to practice purposeful play both at home with my children and as part of my worker role.

I am currently completing my sensory integration training and I am looking forward to working as a sensory integration practitioner; being able to support a child with their sensory system regulation and their awareness of the sensory system is so rewarding. Communication is so important and helping children to identify and talk about their sensory differences can be helpful for both the child and their family/ carers.