Social care



If you work as a GP or within the NHS, we can help you by providing extra, specialist support to your patients and their families in the following ways:

CTS - Our services
  • Triage service as a first stop to problem solve any areas of concern
  • Providing relevant information to make sure referral through to the statutory services is accepted first time
  • Reducing the waiting list
  • Supporting Early Intervention through expert advice and problem solving
  • Reducing costs on the service by providing postgraduate qualified Sensory integrative Occupational Therapists and a Sensory Clinic to support Sensory Integrative therapy.
  • Providing a tailored Sensory Integrative assessment and treatment package to children and their families that is quality assured and has proven, effective outcomes both in a child’s everyday occupational living but also in learning.
  • Providing a consultancy role in setting up services such as Sensory integration as Advanced Practitioners in Sensory Integration
  • Providing essential supervisory roles and expert guidance for less experienced therapists.

We are very aware of the increasing numbers of children presenting with difficulties in many aspects of development.

There is also a rise in the number of children with an identified diagnosis whose parents are seeking support and intervention, in addition to what can be provided by the NHS.

As specialist Occupational Therapists, we are committed to helping children and young people achieve their potential and have the best quality of life possible.

To discuss ways we can support you, please call us on 01664 567917 or get in touch here