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Alongside our generic professional skills and competencies, our OT experts have a range of specialist skills which are not always reflected or available via generic services.

Over recent years, CTS has developed and consolidated its OT practice and expertise relating to ‘sensory attachment intervention’.

Negative experiences during pregnancy and in early childhood impact on a child’s ability to cope with stress throughout life.


Situations where stress responses can have a negative impact on a child’s development and achievement of their potential and can be related to:

  • adopted children
  • those who have suffered abuse
  • those who have suffered trauma
  • premature births

It could also be considered logical that, with the increasing presentation of stress in our lives, stress within families will impact on the stress responses in children and young people.

A tendency towards hyper vigilance, related to anxiety, impedes the ability of a child or young person to regulate sensory information. This can result in defensiveness presenting as a ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response all of which can significantly impair a child or young person’s family life, friendships, education or work success.

At CTS, our OT experts will undertake a full and comprehensive assessment which will identify whether a child or young person has sensory deficits and/or an attachment disorder and will develop and deliver therapy to support emotional and sensory self-regulation.

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