Eleanor - Paediatric Occupational Therapist

I'm Eleanor, a passionate and experienced Occupational Therapist who is deeply interested in understanding people's motivations and how engaging in meaningful activities (occupations) can transform lives and promote rehabilitation.

While I previously specialised in disability-friendly housing, my focus has shifted to working with children at Children's Therapy Solutions (CTS) who face challenges in reaching their full potential due to disabilities or past experiences.

Carrying out my sensory integration training has provided me with a deeper understanding of how we develop essential life skills and what factors can hinder this incredible process of adaptation and learning from our sensory experiences.

I absolutely love working with children of all ages. I enjoy discovering their unique passions and interests, and finding creative ways to motivate them through play and other activities. By tailoring therapy to their individual needs, I strive to empower them to lead joyful, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Eleanor Headshot