Childhood Emotions

Blogger Pip Else - Paediatric OT


How to manage childhood emotions with simple breathing techniques.    

We recently posted a link on our Facebook page to a handprint for 5 steps to calm down, developed by Leonie MacDonald – Relax Kids Canberra. Use this link to find out more about Relax Kids:

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I thought I would let you know a little bit more about the topic of emotions and how our body deals with them. Developing children can find this very difficult.

‘Flight’ or ‘Fight’

When we are stressed or anxious, our body often over rides our ability to think logically. This can happen without us even knowing. When we have had a fearful experience our brain stores this information. When this happens again, it causes a programmed response. The result is a hindered ability to process what is going on around us.

Brain functions for ‘Flight & Fight’

If you would like more information about this, you can look up about the brain systems by following this link:

Dealing with your child’s anxiety

It can be hard to comfort your child and understand what is causing them to be upset in the first place, and often children find it hard to tell you.

Here is a link to some ideas about addressing your child’s anxiety, give it a try and let us know how it helps.

Using these systems can help in preparation over the summer for moving into the next school year. They are particularly helpful for transition phases such as moving from Nursery to reception, Infants to juniors, juniors to secondary and secondary to college. Try them and see how it helps.

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