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Sensory Integration & Our 3 Primary Senses


Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 13th October 2016 Sensory Integration Our 3 Primary Senses   Remember the thriving tree of sensory integration from our last blog? Well it’s back again to explain why our primary senses are so important.   Cognition   ♦  Development   ♦  Sensory Integration Proprioception   ♦  Vestibular   ♦  Tactile Proprioception  ...
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Sensory Integration Therapy


Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 2nd September 2016   Sensory Integration Therapy In order for children to develop and learn, they need to gain an understanding of the world around them. If we cannot register, organise, filter, integrate and store sensory information then the world around us can have a great effect on our performance. Our Brain...
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