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Paediatric Occupational Therapist Vacancy x 2


Hours: Part Time (minimum 3 days per wk) or full time Location:  1 OT for West Midlands; Coventry & surrounding areas plus 1 OT for North West; Wales, Merseyside & surrounding areas Pay Scale: dependent on experience & qualifications + mileage and travel Holidays: 28 days with increments to 33 days pa (pro rata) Due to...
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What survival looks like in school – a resource for understanding children with trauma or sensory processing difficulties


An easy to read booklet to help professionals and parents who come into contact with children living with trauma or SPD. The behaviours of trauma and/or SPD are easily misunderstood and can be interpreted incorrectly.  This simple to follow booklet helps provide an overview on the emotional turmoil children are feeling, and how they are displayed through different types...
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Training Course: Attachment Informed Intervention with Troubled Children and their Families


Attachment Informed Intervention with Troubled Children and their Families     Date:  19th & 20th April 2018 Venue:  CTS, Conference Room, The Barn, Friars Well Estate,                North Drive, Wartnaby, Leicestershire, LE14 3HY Course Tutor: Helen Johnson – Director of Attachment Works   Entry Requirement:   Therapists and Professionals who have completed...
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Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 19th October 2017   Compression We recently posted a link on our Facebook page regarding compression strategies; this link highlights that you can get compression through many different activities and not just a compression vest. Link: Compression based activities can be calming for the body, it can give us increased...
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Back to School?


Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 24th August 2017   Back to School? Are you ready? Are they ready? Readiness and preparation is the key to starting back to school, especially when transitioning into a new school or new class. Here are some things to think about when sending your child off to school, especially if...
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Fidget Gadgets


Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 28th June 2017   Fidget Gadgets We recently posted a link on our Facebook page regarding sensory tools for Fidgety kids; this post was created by Wunder Mom- Home.Kids.Life and can be accessed at     These ideas included:   Pipe cleaners: These are easily accessible in schools and...
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Sensory Rooms in the Community


Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 26th April 2017   We recently posted a link on our Facebook page explaining about the new sensory room in Shannon Airport. This is the first European Airport sensory room and should hopefully encourage other airports to create their own sensory environment.   Support Systems in British airports It...
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Planning for 2017: Setting Goals


Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 17th January 2017   Planning for 2017: Setting Goals Happy New Year everyone!! New Year’s resolutions, maybe you could set a family goal or individual goal. It is so important to have goals and aspirations but make sure you grade these goals.     How to write goals – SMART goals...
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Tips for the Christmas period


Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 19th December 2016 Tips for the Christmas Period   We recently posted a link on our Facebook page to a course on ‘How to Manage Autism Calmly over the Christmas period’ by Yvonne Newbold- here’s the link if you would like more information   The build up Often the...
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Sensory Integration & Our 3 Primary Senses


Blogger Pip Else – Paediatric OT 13th October 2016 Sensory Integration Our 3 Primary Senses   Remember the thriving tree of sensory integration from our last blog? Well it’s back again to explain why our primary senses are so important.   Cognition   ♦  Development   ♦  Sensory Integration Proprioception   ♦  Vestibular   ♦  Tactile Proprioception  ...
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